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Tired of practicing straight putts on a mat?

Here at PuttAWAY Golf we have the answer! We make adjustable putting platforms at a more affordable cost. Practice effectively on a multitude of slopes using the effortless adjustment feature installed on all our platforms.

  • Practice your putting on an adjustable putting platform. A total of 12% (custom) or 8% (standard) slope variation on breaking putts (6%-4% either way of centre).
  • Adjust the platform to 8% in less than a minute (for our standard sized platform)
  • Standard size is 3020mm x 1250mm – However, we also make custom sized platforms to the nearest mm to fit in your desired space.
  • Improve your green reading skills and putting stroke to ultimately lower your handicap.

  • Practice hitting putts on the platform in your indoor golf studio. Replicating real life lie scenarios on the course.
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Above all the platform allows you to practice your game in the comfort of your home. Day and night. Rain or shine. Let us help you improve your game.

Custom Platform

Standard Platform

Who is the platform aimed at?

The PuttAWAY Golf platform can be used by all individuals from beginners to professionals to improve your game.

  • Tour players

  • Golf studios

  • Club players

  • Fitting studios

  • Colleges and schools

So far we have fitted our platform in all of the above locations with a fantastic positive feedback rate. Please check out the testimonials in the about page for customer comments. Take your putting game to a whole new level with a PuttAWAY Golf platform.

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